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Director of Marketing

Ministry Leader: Mia Woods

The primary role of the Director of Marketing consists of serving as the church benefactor for marketing Ecclesia of Living Waters Ministries. Services include publications, flyers, brochures, Internet, Radio, and T.V. advertisements. The Director of Marketing works cooperatively with all ministries of Ecclesia of Living Waters Ministries in the above-mentioned efforts.

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Evangelism Ministry

Ministry Leader: Overseer Michael Reynolds

The Evangelism Ministry conducts public outreach in various neighborhoods throughout the world. The primary goal of this Ministry is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to any and all who are willing to receive HIS Word, via greeting them on the street, tracks, workshops, conferences, or by any means necessary.

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Ruth Layne

Finance Manager

Ministry Leader: Ruth Lane

The primary role of the Finance Manager Ministry is handling the church finances, financial reporting, equipment lease/purchase, and member ID numbers (for tracking purposes).




Ministry Leader: Overseer Michael Reynolds

The Christian Education ministry is responsible for the Biblical Education of all members of Ecclesia of Living Waters Ministries. Sub-Ministries include: Bible Study, Discipleship Classes, and Sunday School. Attendance of Christian Education Meetings is a mandatory requirement for all Ministry leaders. Attendance of Christian Discipleship class is mandatory for all members.

Office Work



Ministry Leader: Sister Mia Woods

Her responsibilities include, weekly programs & announcements, scheduling guest speakers, coordinating and maintaining the Church schedule and the Pastor's schedule, and providing administrative support for the various Church Ministries.

Office Work


Ministry Leader: Deaconess Pamela McMichael

Provides ministerial assistance to the Pastor and congregants of Ecclesia of Living Waters Ministries. They also assist with Communion Services in that they are responsible for storing the communion components, being prayerful during the services and throughout the week for the ministry. They serve as armor bearers, intercessors, greeters of the church, and assist the Pastor as new members come to Christ. Additionally, the Deacons serve as the liaisons between Ministry Leaders and the Pastor in that all Ministry Leaders report to Pastor Reynolds thru them. They also take responsibility for identifying those in need within the Church and community and providing food and clothing for those in need of assistance.

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Yolanda-Hale Jessup

Hospitality Ministry

Ministry Leader: Sister Yolanda Hale

The primary role of the Hospitality Ministry is to coordinate Ecclesia of Living Waters Ministries events, including the Pastoral/Church Anniversary, Praise in the Park, Outdoor Revivals, Weddings, and Church Picnics, etc.

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Media Ministry

Ministry Leader: Deaconess Kelly Ntchombou

The Media Ministry is responsible for programming, DVD and CD production and distribution, and Studio Quality sound & equipment.


Minister of Music

Ministry Leader: Donald Evans

Under the tutelage of Sister Valerie Wainwright, Choir Director, the primary role of the Music Ministry is to minister to the Lord through music both vocally and instrumentally. Leads the service in praise and worship.

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Nurses Ministry

Ministry Leader: Deaconess Pamela McMichael

The primary role of the Nurses Ministry is to provide assistance as needed for health-related issues as they occur. Additionally, the Nurse Ministry periodically conducts health fairs and publishes a monthly Health Newsletter.

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Men's Ministry

Ministry Leader: Overseer Michael Reynolds

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Friendly Business Team

Pastor's Aide

Ministry Leader: Deaconess Catherine Jones

The primary role of the Pastoral Aide Ministry is to aide the Pastor in whatever he needs, as well as work in conjunction with the Events Committee.


Shabach Liturgical Dance Ministry of Eolw

Ministry Leader: Keishawn Hope

The primary role of the EOLW Anointed Dancers to deliver a different form of Praise and Worship through liturgical dance by ministering through music, movement and expression of one's body. Membership is open to both youth and adults.

Teresa Gordon

Ushers Ministry

Ministry Leader: Sister Theresa Gordon

The Ushers provide "service order" assistance, and assist the Pastor and all members as needed. Ushers also accommodate church overflow services while remaining flexible.

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Debbie Reynolds

Women Standing for Righteousness

Ministry Leader: 1st Lady Debbie Reynolds

The Women Standing for Righteousness Women's Ministry is responsible for Discipling the women of Ecclesia of Living Waters Ministries, grooming them via services, retreats, outings, Women's Bible Study, and so much more!

Youth Conference

Youth On Fire For Christ

Ministry Leader: Stephanie Oladeji

Youth and Young adult choir

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